Walking In On Tiffany Starr & Tom!

Well I don't know if you want to call it walking in, they both new I was cumming! I'm glad I showed up let me tell you. These 2 dirty ones were already at it by the time I got in the bedroom. So I just joined right in. I really enjoyed doing this set, as I got to be with Tiffany a T-girl with her "enlarged clit" & Tom a big cock stud who has blown a load or two in his day! The end of these scene is awesome 2 cum shots on my face for the price of one. Doing a scene like this really gets me hot deep down. It's not every day I get to be with a T-Girl & a Guy at the same time! Oh & you'll love Tiffany's English accent too I'm sure what a fucking turn on!

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Ava Devine Getting Love from Tiffany

Im sure you have seen me with Tiffany Starr before, I love having sex with her on and off camera. Today I'm in terrible need of cock and I don't know what Im going to do. I guess I'm going to have to just play with myself. Look at this lavender lingerie I have on, perfect for a dirty fucking whore like me. I guess there is no cock today, so I'm just going to have to touch myself all over. After wearing myself out I end up falling asleep only to be awoken by Tiffany Starr who does have a cock, lucky me.

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Morgan And I On My Webcam

Morgan is one of my favorite T  girls, she stopped by as I was about to do my webcam show, so I asked her to join me. The show is really hot, morgan has a great cock, knows how to use it, so do I. Enjoy the show it's hot, hot,l hot.

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Hooking Up With Morgan Bailey!

I met Morgan one night while stripping, she is really hot & turns me on. We're getting together for a really hot video. I can't wait to get a hold of her red hot pussy and I know she wants mine. What a wild time we had, two hot wild chicks who love sex & love giving you a great show.

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Ava Devine with Lucia Miel!

Lucia is another T Girl I enjoy being with, I throw on the strap-on in this one because Lucia likes cock & loves sucking a big dildo. After some hot oral sex I give it to Lucia up the ass with my big strap on really hard and fast. It gets me so hot giving it to this T Girl up the ass.

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Ava Devine in Filthy Tranny Action with Joanna Jet

Sometimes I'm not in a mood for a hard dick or a hot pussy, sometimes I get in the mood for both. So I got on the phone and ordered me up some hot TS to play with. I thought I was gonna have to teach this tranny a thing or two but Joanna Jet walked in and took control of me right off the bat. She was oh so dirty and filthy and awesome that she blew off work and stayed the whole night with me. 

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Meet Jasmine Jewels!

Jasmine Jewels is my type, why? Because she is as nasty as they fucking cum! Let me tell you this was one fucking rough scene, but don't get scared it's just the way Jasmine is, rough and in-charge & I love every filthy fucking second of it, you may not want to brake out the popcorn for this one, just your cock in hand will do!

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Ava Devine in Tranny Strap On with Jamie French

I was in the Mood for a little Tranny whore today so I called up jamie French to come be my personal toy. She had no idea that I'd be all up in that tight asshole with my fat cock strap on.I Had to train this Tranny on how to sit on a fucking horse dick. After licking the rim of my asshole as I took that horse dick in, she fucked my ass and pussy and came all over my hungry face. 

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Ava Devine in Pool Table Hustler with Foxxy

Ava here, and I admit, I suck at pool. But Foxxy doesn’t know that. That is why I make crazy sexy bets knowing I am gonna lose. Bets like Foxxy shoving a pool cue up my ass! Or even better a pool ball up my ass!. After that Foxxy is going to take her big tranny cock, and fuck my mouth and pussy good on this pool table. Then she is going to shoot her load down my fucking throat. Solids or strips I always win in this game.

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Angelina Valentine in Meeting up with Natassia

You see that girl there in front of the stripper pole her name is Natassia and she is fucking hot. She is here at one of my favorite clubs getting ready for me. Check me out as I make my grand entrance, with my face concealed behind this pink mask. Watch as we fuck around with each other in the club. And watch as she chums all over my wet juicy ass. If you like dark, kinky sex sets, and who doesn't then you'll love this one.

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Angelina Valentine & Giselle T Girl!

Today is a great day! Why, because a day spent with a T girl like Giselle in bed is a good day for me! Anyway do you like what we did with our hair? Fucking hot if you ask me! I brought my toy to bed with Giselle and we really used the fuck out of it! T-Girls to me are such a fucking turn on & is at the top of my list for kink! Enjoy this shit guys and gals! Watch as I Fuck her in her Asshole!

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Angelina Valentine in Sexing it with Carmen and Foxxy

If I had to choose between Carmen or Foxxy, I could not! So I get them both LOL! Lately I've been tired of mens bullshit so I have these 2 over to play. Do you like the sexy outfits we have on? I love these 2 girls, and the best thing is they are girls with cocks! I get the best of both worlds with these sexy fucking tranny gals! Get your cock out and start stroking to this hot exclusive update, it will make you cum!

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