Added on August 6, 2015

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Morgan is a really hot T Girl with a great cock. This is a smoking video, not just with us smoking in Martys Garage but the sex is really smokin' too! THis you might say is a behind the scenes video, but not really as the 2 of us get down and dirty for the video camera and the photo camera as well! The smoking is hot we both blew it into all the right places!

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I met Morgan one night while stripping, she is really hot & turns me on. We're getting together for a really hot video. I can't wait to get a hold of her red hot pussy and I know she wants mine. What a wild time we had, two hot wild chicks who love sex & love giving you a great show.

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Morgan is one of my favorite T  girls, she stopped by as I was about to do my webcam show, so I asked her to join me. The show is really hot, morgan has a great cock, knows how to use it, so do I. Enjoy the show it's hot, hot,l hot.

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Morgan Bailey and Angelina Torres came for a wild ride on my slut bus. What a ride I had both of their cocks in my mouth before they could get their pants completely off. Then I sucked their big cocks until they came in my mouth, a wild threesome. Once they came I threw them off the bus. Im cumin to get you next. BTW my driver drove around all over Cali while the 3 of us got busy on each other. This was fun to film in more ways then one. Oh and sorry about the shaky video and out of focus pics this fucking Slut Bus bounces around a lot like a slut does while moving LOL!

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