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Me & Sarina, my favorite T girl are the Cheetah dolls from Beverly Hills, we love to shop. Before we get to that, I have to suck Sarina's cock, its so nice, best of all though we get to use a great little toy on one another, a big hard butt plug. Sarina's tits are sooo big they are nice to play with. You have to watch this one.

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Ava Devine In Doubled Teamed By Nody Nadia and Tiffany Starr

What a fucking scene this, let me tell you. I'm here with Nody Nadia and Tiffany Starr, two hot fucking Trannies that love pornstars. Nody is more the latin type of girl and Tiffany the more white English type, and me well I'm just a dirty motherfucker and I'm ready to fuck both of them now. Sit back and watch this tranny-sational set for you to enjoy. If your not into watching Trannies with pornstars, you don't know what your missing!

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Ava & Morgan Smoking it Up!

Morgan is a really hot T Girl with a great cock. This is a smoking video, not just with us smoking in Martys Garage but the sex is really smokin' too! THis you might say is a behind the scenes video, but not really as the 2 of us get down and dirty for the video camera and the photo camera as well! The smoking is hot we both blew it into all the right places!

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Ava Devine in Fuck Club

I'm at the exotic fuck club and I'm kind of lonely, my big cock swinger husband, Jay is off fucking some other girl, I don't care I like watching my husband fuck others but he is not here. Anyway, I'm hanging out holding on to this stripper pole, and I come across this hot exotic looking babe named, Carmen. Carmen is a girl, at least I think she is, I'm not really into girls so much but she is hot. After some naughty talk, I pull down Carmen's panties to see that she has a cock, oh my, she is a beautiful transexual, I love Trannies. A little more then a minute later in comes my husband, wouldn't you know, and he likes Carmen and thinks she is really hot. And to top it off my husband is not shy around Trannies either. The rest is fuck club history.

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Ava Devine in I love All Cocks

Hey everyone. It's me Ava Devine and if there's one thing I love more than cock it's tranny cock. Eva Lin is a hot shemale with the whole package! And I do mean Package! Getting my holes stuffed by Johnny Grenade and Eva at the same time is so fucking hot I can't stand it. The way Johnny sucks that big she male cock while I eat his ass is almost too fucking much. I have to taste that tranny cum now! If it either tanny cock or stud cock, I am down for it, bring it on.

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Sexy Vanessa with Natassia Dreams

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Girls Night Out

Yesterday was a really great day shopping with my girlfriends Alia and Tiffany and we ended up on my bed playing "Truth or Dare". While playing it, Alia and I discovered that Tiffany had a cock, that she was a he, OMG. Well, we both went after her dick and tits. Before we knew what happened, the party became a three-way orgy. Everybody was doing everybody and Tiffany really knew how to use his tongue. I really started to get off watching Alia getting her pussy pounded while she was licking my clit and tits. Then it was my turn to get fucked and Alia used her talented tongue licking my nipples . Next, Tiffany fucked Alia and I sat on her face with her tongue up my tight pussy. Finally, tiffany laid us next to another and unloaded his cum all over our tits. And that is how my best day ever happened!

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Faustine Lee Fucks Foxxxy and Spencer

I am here with Foxxxy kissing on the bed ready to do it all with her when Spencer walks in on us. Foxxxy thought she had me all to herself but I have other ideas. Spencer wants to play too, and we can play with him just look at the size of his cock. Watch as Foxxxy has me gag on Spencer's big long cock. Then take it my pussy and ass. Then of course its time for hot cum, from both of them. I have to say after watching this scene the anal sex was really great to watch and it felt even better at the time, I love big long cocks.

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Faustine Lee in Feeling Up Foxxy

Hi to everyone out there, I'm back. it's me Faustine Lee and I'm here with one of my good friends, and fun mate, Foxxy. And her name fits her perfectly, she is just that Foxxy! Watch as we touch each other all over and lick each other to we each cum! This girl is so fucking hot, I had a blast shooting this scenes with her! I hope you have a blast as well, if you know what I mean!

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Victoria Dominates Ava!

Ava is Victors little bitch, he makes her crawl to him making her suck his trany tits and ass. After fucking her hard he takes his cock out shoving it into Ava's mouth making her suck that cock until he chums, she takes it all not losing a drop.

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Choked by Vanity's Cock

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Ava Devine & Vanity!

Vanity and I are getting together again, you guys know Vanity is my favorite T Girl. We love hot sex and with Vanity it's always hot, Vanity knows what I like shoving that hard hot cock down my throat. I take it deep in every way in this one, enjoy!!!

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